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How to use The Compound Effect in realizing huge results

“There is no magic bullet, secret formula, or quick fix for success”, Daren Hardy tells us in his amazing book ‘The Compound Effect’.

You don’t lose 30 pounds in a week, rub 20 years off your face with a cream, fix your love life with a pill, or find lasting success with any other scheme that sounds too good to be true. It would be great if you could buy your success, fame, self-esteem, good relationships, health and well-being in a nicely clam-shelled package at the local store. But that’s not how it works.

 The publisher of SUCCESS magazine, tells us that the formula is simple:

Small, smart choices, consistently applied over an extended period of time equal HUGE results. This is The Compound Effect.

This seems like a simple formula, doesn’t it? However, it is especially important to know what these small, smart choices are for you personally. Especially regarding your health and your energy levels.

We instinctively know that everyone is unique, that everybody is different. What works for someone else, does not have to work for you. But I see a lot of people implementing seemingly healthy habits, that are not working for them personally and I see they are not aware of this. Perhaps they think they are not getting results because they are not working hard enough. They then work even harder and get even poorer results.

This makes them not follow through, not being able to consistently show up over an extended period of time (the last part of the Compound Effect equation). They then think they just do not have the stamina, grit, or willpower. Creating a powerful limiting belief in the meantime.

What if the key to higher energy levels and better overall health is not just working harder but starts with knowing what works for you?  The only way to know what works is to experiment. To measure and track what different interventions deliver specific results for you personally.

Fortunately, we live in a time where there are ever more effective and affordable ways to measure and track your progress. To know what works for you in optimizing your health.

I have explored the world and sourced the most powerful technologies and frameworks regarding personalized health and wellbeing. I have combined these frontier sciences, exponential technologies and age-old pearls of wisdom into a unique process.

It starts with discovering your unique health type. I use a powerful AI-driven technology that uses 10.000 data points to measure your unique biology, your health type. Knowing your unique health type makes it easier and less time-consuming to identify which small smart choices you can make. And because these choices fit you and your health type, you will quickly notice and feel their positive effects. This makes it easier to consistently apply these choices over an extended period of time. And then there you have it, the huge result, The Compound Effect.