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So what makes my programs so effective?

The answer consists of three pillars: Frontier Science, Exponential Technology and Age-old Wisdom.

One of the main reasons my programs deliver results is because they are based on some of the latest scientific insights into how the human body functions. For instance, did you know that not all of your DNA expresses itself? It’s not your Genome but your Epigenome that determines your health type.

And did you also know each health type has their own specific needs to be met before they can flourish and become the best version of themselves? Besides being based on the latest scientific insights, my health programs also work well because of the way these insights are implemented in your daily life. Through the use of smart technological applications my programs blend seamlessly with your daily rhythm, providing you with the right motivation, alerts and information at the press of a button.

Through the use of apps, online content and personalized, multi-platform support you will gain the necessary tools to achieve your personal health goals. These tools are fully scalable with your efforts, meaning this technology can deliver an exponential increase in results. But there is more to my programs than just cutting-edge science and technology.

Even without the insights science and technology can deliver, we know certain things just work because they have been delivering results for ages. And while science and technology can deliver quantifiable results, there is that extra layer of insight and meaning only age-old wisdom can bring to the table.

By looking carefully at what methods and wisdoms have been working wonders for ages, I use these wisdoms to enhance my health programs with that little bit extra. From ancient medicine to meditative techniques. If it works, why not use it?

And where wisdom fails to explain something, frontier science will pick it up and find out how and why it works. From there, exponential technology is applied to implement it as a working health solution in your daily life. And where science and technology fail to quantify the gaps in between, age-old wisdom is applied to round out the whole process and close the circle of innovation.

By utilising the best these three pillars have to offer, I can deliver an optimal health program that not only delivers quick results, but maintains those results for the rest of your life. What’s more, the positive changes in mental and physical health will ensure a higher quality of life while you make the most of your new, healthier lifestyle.