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The HealthType Circle

The HealthTypes are illustrated best on a circle, each HealthType sitting at certain points, all in relation to the others. When viewing the HealthTypes on the circle, you will see the body shape morphing gradually as it moves from one type to the next. Those HealthTypes close to each other have some similar traits while those opposite each other on the circle often have opposing tendencies.

And then it gets a little more complex…

Each of us has a body that sits somewhere around the circumference of this circle – at one point of the 360 degrees. And if you sit more toward one side of the HealthType you may find that you have traits or a body shape that is more like that HealthType next door too!

It’s simplified so you can use it immediately.

To make things simple, the circle is sectioned into these 6 main HealthTypes, but, there are actually 360 HealthTypes, each with infinite variables, like your ancestry and your lifestyle, that can affect what is precisely healthy for your unique body, down to whether you should choose carrots or cabbage. This is very important in cases of illness and disease, or for high performance athletes and individuals. HealthTypes are the first step of personalized, precision health.

Knowing your HealthType CAN change your life. It IS that powerful.

You can change your mood swings, energy levels, digestion and so many factors that affect your quality of life simply by eating at the right time of day, or waking up well, or doing the right type of activity. If you want more… that’s where the precision, personalized calculations come in to tell you precisely what you need to know to be in optimal condition. The algorithms from a 30-minute assessment, including 17 body measurements and 65 in-depth questions about your body, health and lifestyle, calculate 500 ratios from 10,000 data points. If you want that precision data and the key to unlocking the full potential of your DNA, sign up for a discovery session with me.