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Michael J.  Dawkins

I started to develop a vision for a better future. A future where we’re not solving problems by fixing symptoms, but actively strive towards creating a better way of living by acknowledging the interconnected nature of the ecosystem we live in.

My name is Michael Dawkins, and I believe that to make a positive impact on this world, we need to first make positive changes to the way we approach our personal health. We already know that every mind is different and needs unique stimuli to reach its full potential. So why are we not approaching our physical health in the same way?

Every person is different and needs their own personalised food plan and exercise routine. This isn’t just an assumption; the latest scientific insights confirm this to be true. A healthy body leads to a well-adjusted mind. This makes you more resilient to combat stress and disease. This leads to you having more energy and being able to make decisions from a place of relative calm. You experience more harmony and a sense of well-being and happiness from within.

Imagine living a life where your measure of happiness is not determined by outside influences, but instead generated from within. Imagine a life where no matter the situation you’re in, you can find a place of energised calm and happiness inside yourself.

Now imagine what you could achieve from such a state of being. 

I want you to join me on a journey. On this journey, we will not only work on balancing our own lives but the world around us as well. To start healing our past by improving our mental and physical state so we can begin building our common future as well. A future where we understand that we are part of a natural ecosystem and that everything, from economics to ecology and personal health, is connected. A future where we use this understanding to build a better, interconnected world where economic and scientific progress goes hand in hand with preserving the ecosystems that surround us.

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