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Sleep is universal, when we sleep is personal
Sleep is universal, when we sleep is personal

“Without exception, every animal species studied to date sleeps or engages in something remarkably like it. This includes insects, such as flies, bees, cockroaches, and scorpions; fish, from small perch to the larger sharks; amphibians, such as frogs; and reptiles, like turtles, Komodo dragons, and chameleons. All have a bona fide sleep cycle. Ascend the evolutionary ladder further and we find all types of birds and mammals sleep: from shrews to parrots, kangaroos, polar bears, bats, and, of course, we humans. Sleep is universal.”

Introducing the Health Types
Introducing the Health Types

We all know one-size doesn’t fit all when it comes to being healthy – looking good and feeling great. There are so many diets, exercise plans, mindfulness techniques, and wellness methods out there – so how do you know what’s right for YOU? Well, the good news is here.

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